Diploma Evaluation

Evaluation of Foreign Educational Credentials 

American-Russian Business Council in collaboration with the International University Line helps people educated in foreign countries or those for whom English is not their native language. Since 1994 we assist in adjusting to the US systems of education and professional work.

Today,we processes applications annually from a number of countries in the world working with individual applicants as well as with educational institutions, law offices, and companies providing credential evaluations for university and college admission and placement; employment, licensing and certification, immigration.

We have a number of successful stories about our customers who graduated from US universities and went on to obtain prestigious jobs, H1 and J1 visas and permanent residency in the US.

Our credential evaluators have extensive experience and training in the US and foreign educational systems. We provide individual approach to our customers and translate from main languages of Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Middle East.

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