FACT Magazine, Russian TV Guide

FACT Magazine, Russian TV Guide

The oldest Russian-language magazine published in California and the only Russian publication with a complete listing of Russian events in California, Russian FACT Magazine was founded in January, 1994.

Alex Durmashkin, president of the American-Russian Business Council, and David Guy, a writer and journalist from Moscow, decided they wanted to start a magazine that would address all the information and entertainment needs of the Russian community and printed the first issue that has evolved to become one of the most read and recognized Russian publications in California.

FACT started out with a limited, mailed 28 pages of relevant articles, business listings, services and information on acculturating to American life. The successes of the early issues have carried FACT through 16 years of constantly evolving content and appearance. From the early black-and white, simple designs, FACT has advanced to color, glossy pages full of graphics, event listing, advice, entertainment and an ever-expanding range of content.

Since 2007, FACT has been published by American Russian Media, Inc. and is the recipient of the 2009 Achievement in Business Award, presented by the City of West Hollywood, and the 2003 San Diego Press Club Award, received by editor Alex Durmashkin.

Today, FACT is a staple in the Russian community and is sold in Russian stores throughout California. FACT’s offices are located in Los Angeles, with representatives throughout California.


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